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DXN Ganoderma Mushroom, chips from Reishi Mushroom, are made from raw Ganoderma Lucidum. Using the chips, you can prepare a broth ready for drinking as a tea, or as a base for delicious soups or sauces.

Price:  24.60 € / Pack

DXN NutriZhi™ is a mixed soy and malt beverage specially formulated using premium quality soybeans, malt and Ganoderma mycelium extracts.

Price:  27.80 € / Pack

Spirulina is well-known as a balanced food while high fiber cereals are usually recommended by nutritionists. DXN Spirulina Cereal, made from high quality cereals and spirulina powder offers one of the best source of nutrition.

Price:  48.60 € / Pack

DXN Vinaigrette, rice vinegar with Ganoderma lucidum, is composed of carefully picked rice vinegar and Ganoderma lucidum. DXN Vinaigrette undergoes the process of fermentation using traditional techniques; thus, the distinctive flavour and quality remains

DXN Zhi Ca Plus is a rich and aromatic coffee flavoured candy specially made for consumers who wish to limit their sugar intake. It is made from a selection of coffee beans of premium quality with the added benefits of Ganoderma extract.

Price:  11.30 € / Pack

Throat iritation? Bad breath? DXN brings you the innovative Zhi Mint Plus. With one in your mouth, icy cool and soothing relief will be instantaneous.

Price:  37.40 € / Pack

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